Julibox - Hand-selected curated Cocktails


recipes and all the
required spirits and
mixers delivered to
your door for as
little as $36/mo.

Step 1


Sign up before the last day of the month and your Julibox will arrive around the middle of the following month.

Step 2


Enjoy 2 different cocktails in the comfort of your own home.

Step 3


Share your cocktail exploits with us and invite your friends to discover us too.

Collection No.9 - Clover Club

Mint Julep


Dear Juliboxers —

Due to some unforeseen challenges, we regret to inform you we must "pause" our service for all new and existing subscribers.

You will receive an email shortly regarding what this means for you but at the moment, all accounts have been suspended and no further charges have been made as of June 24th.

Please contact us at julibox@julibox.com if you have additional questions regarding your account.

"...cocktails delivered to your door — there is no way this isn't going to be great."

Mint Love Social Club

"...a delivery service any aspiring at-home mixologist cannot live without"

Marinate Miami

...Everyone likes a care package. But when that shipment comes from Julibox, “like” quickly turns to “love.”

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