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Courtne Jones, Founder

Courtne began her cocktail journey in college --but only after she turned 21!!  Whether a themed house party during her mid 20s, a sophisticated dinner party (when there was only one kid) or a parental-commiserating-Friday-night-siesta (after the other three kids came along in an unreasonably short time after the first), you could always find her whipping up some new libation and sharing it with friends. Courtne’s passion and palate for all things cocktails and home entertaining led her and partner-in-libations/husband David to the inspiration that created Julibox. Now you can find her scanning liquor stores, perusing cocktail menus and thinking up new ways to help singletons and moms alike enjoy a great cocktail at home and share it with their friends. Of course she has a few industry credentials, too. Courtne started her career in PR, lauding the benefits of antibacterial handsoap and heartburn medicine. After finishing her MBA at the Ross School of Business at the University Of Michigan, she went into brand management at Kraft Foods. Trading in marshmallows and fruit snacks for beauty, booze and perfume, she did a quick stint at L'Oreal before becoming a brand manager at LVMH and later marketing director at a leading fragrance house.

First mixed drink: Malibu and ruby red grapefruit juice.

Spirits Curiosity: She grew up with a dusty bottle of Galliano on her dad's back bar. 25 years later, he still has it.

Cocktail Palate: Tangy, Sour

One tip: Keep a pitcher of your favorite blend in the fridge. Makes for an easy happy hour.

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