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The French 75: A Sweet Encounter

By: Courtne

There may not be a better cocktail than...

Ah, the French 75. Truely one on my most favorite cocktails.  I first tasted this most delictible cocktail as created by the hands of a very special mixologist, indeed- Sasha Petrovsky.  In 2005, I happened upon one of the earlier speak-easy tributes in New York, Milk & Honey.  After some pomp & circumstance to get in, it was strongly suggested by my then fiance, to try one.  The cocktail took a good 15 minutes to come- I had almost forgotten what I ordered. But then, it was presented in such great splendor that all was forgiven. With the sounds of Duke Ellington and Bessie Smith softly playing in the background, I couldn't think of a more appropriate way to experience this pre-WWI cocktail.


A perfect balance of sweet and tart with a kiss of champagne effervescence.  Sasha made his with cognac, and I have to admit, I have never considered loving any other. The French 75 in all its cognac-based glory became the signature cocktail at our Fall wedding later that year.  Sasha lent us his recipe and I have to say, our guests were effusive and gleeful all evening- at least what parts they can remember. We had several friends tell us they can't recall the last time they had ever been so "happy" and they were confused how it all happened with such a dainty, flower-laden drink. You're welcome.  So it was with great joy that we featured the French 75 in Collection No.6, a cocktail near and dear to my heart.  

We originally had intended to only include the cognac version, but we were met with such passion by our master curator to feature the gin-version we felt compelled to feature both. And let you decide where your loyalties will lie.   I've had bountiful French 75's since that fated day in New York, and I intend to have plenty more. I have come to truely appreciate the gin-based version, and find it refreshing and aromatic in a very different way than it's cognac-based twin. As you may find, each version has a place- perhaps when you are looking for something a tad more complex you'll venture toward the dark side. When you are looking for something a bit lighter and springy, you'll grin with gin.  Either way you go, you can't lose, but I'd venture to say you'll have a favorite. Sante!


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