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Just Add Ice: Allow Me To Introduce You To Julibox

By: Courtne

First of all, I’d like to thank you for visiting our site!

So what was I doing when I thought up this service? Enjoying a cocktail.

What is Julibox? Why, it is a guided journey into the world of cocktails and spirits, led by a diverse and creative curation team of bartenders and mixologists from around the country. And it all happens in the comfort of your own home, at your own countertop/bar/kitchen table, with your own group of friends.  All you need is a sense of adventure, some ice, a few glasses and perhaps a shaker wouldn’t hurt.  Discover a new cocktail.  Discover a classic. Learn what a “pony” is. Wow your friends. Impress yourself. But most of all, enjoy the magic of cocktails made by your newly minted skills in the comfort of your own home.

Now you’re asking how does all this magic happen, exactly? Allow me.  After years of cocktailing around the country (and a few choice cities abroad) and working in the industry myself, I’ve had more than a fair share of libations and met a gaggle of truly awesome and talented bartenders in my time.  I decided to “box” up all of those experiences by creating Julibox and bring it over to your house.  Curation is where it all begins. The Julibox Curators are a meticulously selected group of bartenders and mixologists who I’ve met along my cocktail journeys; a mix of trophy-toting mixology champions, self-taught mavericks and white-hot rising stars with enough creativity to shame Picasso (if he were a bartender, ever).  Every month, our Curation team scours the country for a few great cocktails worthy of admission into a Julibox.  Cocktails can come from a host of inspirations:  the hottest new trend for the season; an incredibly delicious but little known base spirit; the best selling potion at the “it” hotspot in the “it” city; an imaginative original creation; or a personal fav that just begs for sharing.  Each month, your Julibox will include the recipe for two different cocktails, uniquely “Juli-ized” for easy preparation at home and enough ingredients to make two of each- four cocktails in all. And as if that weren’t enough, the curator du jour will even share their story as to why each cocktail is so worthy of your time and palate. When you receive your Julibox, hop online and watch a step-by-step vignette on how to make each cocktail we send you. It’s almost like having a personal session with one of the country’s best mixologists, right in your home, every month.  That’s what you get when you order a Julibox. And that’s called cocktail magic.

Ok, so you like cocktails and you’re feeling the magic of the box. But are you really? Allow me to illuminate. How many times have you gone to a swanky bar and ordered  the same drink you've been ordering since 1994 because you are unfamiliar with all those fancy names and brands and you don't want to have cocktail buyers remorse?  A fair amount, n’est-ce pas?   Or how about this one: you grab a “featured recipe” from one of your favorite foodzie/spirits websites, head out to your local store with your laundry list of ingredients and the shiny anticipation of that first sip. You get it home, muddle through the prep and you find yourself wishing you had just grabbed a bottle of your house rum and a liter of soda. But now you’re out $120 and you have no idea how to repurpose that bottle of crème de violette.  Been there? Done that? Me too. Don't live life cocktail repressed!! The magic of Julibox isn’t just in the curation of some truly awesome libations and access to some pretty fab creators. It’s also in the trial. Demo #2: You try cocktail A. It’s cool. 3 stars. Try cocktail B. Love, love, love.  This is cocktail nirvana! And made by my very own hand! #wonderfulworldofjulibox. And NOW you can go out and buy that big ol’ bottle and know it’s probably not going to last you through the weekend—I mean month.

Now you get it.

So. Now, go get it.

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