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If One Must Hibernate…

By: Courtne

In the cold depths of these winter days, you may want to hibernate. And with temperatures falling below zero, why shouldn't you?

But there's no need to be bored whilst you keep toasty inside. Bring the party home, darlings. You can have a quiet night in with a few spirits to join you. Find three good bottles of the same spirit variety, like chilly-weather bourbon, and have a tasting soirée (we like Knob Creek, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, and Bulleit to start). Invite each of your guests to experience them side by side and discuss the nose and flavors you taste. Then use your Julibox arsenal of cocktail-making magnificence and mix two or three different styles of drinks. For example,  repurpose your Old Fashioned recipe by using a bourbon instead of rum. Try the High Society next to an Irish Buck (1.5oz Bourbon, a squeeze of lime juice and top with ginger ale). Mix and match the bourbons and cocktails to see which combinations you enjoy best.  All bourbons have their own unique nuances and flavor profiles, so you'll find you love some straight and others mixed. Pour half cocktails so everyone can taste (and so you can get through them all without falling off of your couch).

Don't forget to eat! Try a few tasty vittles to complement your cocktail journey; we love a good scotch egg or wintery butternut squash crostini!  Salud, friends!


Posted: January 22, 2013 | Permalink
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