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Future of Home Living

By: Courtne

So when we were approached by PSFK to be apart of their fabulous new exhibit, we were beyond flattered.  

To be considered among the must-have items for the future home was simply beyond. I mean, of course we love ouselves and think that no modern human could possibly live without us; it was simply delightful to think that we weren't alone in our self assessment.  If you haven't yet had the chance, do get thee over to 15th street to check out the latest and greatest gizmos and gadets required to navigate through our world of convenient and functional living. From FanTV (a fan favorite, pardon the pun) to Click and Grow, you can grow your own herbs for your hand selected cocktails and program your favorite TV or music, making for one effortless but highly enjoyable impromtu gathering where every one is happily feeling chic and in-the know.  Happy discovering, dears!


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