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Collection No.5 is Coming!

By: Courtne

Who doesn't like a bit of mystery to spice things up a bit?

Every month, our curation team pours over what cocktails to include in our next collection.  Be it seasonal, thematic, innovative or just a plain favorite, we always have that nagging question in our minds: will the people LOVE it? This month, we've decided to keep you in a bit of suspense on what you will be enjoying in a few short days. Some people like the element of surprise; others like knowing what lies ahead.  We like a bit of both.  So just to give you a sneak peek: Cocktail No. 1 is a twist on a delightful classic. It features two winter soothing flavors that will make you smile. Be sure to take a good whiff before you sip. It will only enhance the experience.  Cocktail No. 2 has deep rich flavors and showcases a bit of innovation inspired by a throwback.  How's that for showing the slightest bit of our knickers?  Not good enough? Well stay tuned and keep an eye of for the post man.  He's got the key to all your questions!

Posted: January 15, 2013 | Permalink
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