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Collection No. 3 on Sale NOW!

By: Courtne

Make haste my friends, we've released a limited supply of Collection No. 3 Great Grains (with Chopin Vodka) for individual purchase. Check out our store to get one before they vanish!

There's not much better than a throw back- whether it's music, movies, clothes... and in this case cocktails!  We're re-releasing our Collection No. 3 in its original state- with our friends Chopin. For those who have been loyal subscribers, you may recall that our little collection was wrought with challenges produced by that nasty Superstorm Sandy.  Her antics caused havoc for pretty much everyone on the East coast.  As such, our original collection, which was to include Chopin Vodka, had to ship without our dear ones (but did include two other tasty and worthy vodkas).

And now that our minature friends have been found and the world has been put right (mostly), we felt we simply had to re-release the Great Grains Collection the way we originally intended.  But you'll have to put a move on it if you want to grab one before they sell out.  Remember, these collections ship off schedule from our monthly subscriptions. So if you missed out on ordering for January, here's a great way to imbibe with the rest of us this month!


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