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A Good Excuse.

By: Courtne

It’s been a long time. And for that, my friends I apologize.

I would love to say my cocktailing rants went on hiatus due to some healthy globe trotting to find new and fantastic cocktails to introduce you to. But instead it has been for another reason altogether.  One I do hope you find acceptable. You see, whilst I have been busy establishing this cocktail journey called Julibox, I have also been developing the fourth addition to my family.   And he arrived just after Labor Day.  So it has been busy times, indeed.  And since I am old hat at this whole baby business and therefore above reproach, I think those of you who have had a few (babies, that is) will appreciate my commitment to your cocktail journey.  That’s right, YOUR journey.

And so I began my research with the utmost haste.  Where was my first outing after my nine-month lockdown?  Why, Gallow Green, of course! You see, I had just found out about my baking bun when I went to see Sleep No More, and I saw it fitting to revisit that haunting (and exhausting) experience when I received my proverbial freedom papers. Only this time, I got to kick my heels up and enjoy a few fine libations by the hands of the positively talented David Wondrich.

After identifying the unassuming building, we were led inside to a rickety elevator that felt like perhaps we weren’t going to make it to our destination. When the doors opened, we climbed a few more stairs and were greeted with the most lovely rooftop garden bathed in the retreating sunlight of a perfect Indian summer’s eve (sorry, something about the McKittrick makes me all flowery and verbose).  We wove our way to a cozy table for four and proceeded to check out the menu. 

Throughout the evening we watched who appeared to the evening’s host and hostess (among many other colorful characters) flit amongst the guests. And one of our tablemates was whisked off on an “adventure” that upon returning from, she wished perhaps she hadn’t looked so inviting. There was laughter and merriment and outrageously good cocktails. And this, I say, felt like the perfect welcome back to my cocktail adventures and the most perfect way to say goodbye to those warm New York suh-hummerrrr…..niiiiiiiiiiiights!  (period incorrect, but who could resist?)


Here’s what I enjoyed best (and don’t be surprised if it makes its way into a Julibox Collection). For whenever you’re in need of a mid-winter pick me up…and because at the McKittrick, time does stand still...

Pimm’s Other Cup

1.5 oz Pimms No.9
1 oz Banks White Rum
4 oz Fentimen’s Victorian Lemonade
a dash or three of Peychauds
cucumber for garnish
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