Julibox - Hand-selected curated Cocktails

What is Julibox?

Julibox is your passport to cocktail discovery.  Each month, you will discover two great cocktails, curated by our world class mixologists and designed especially for easy home preparation. You'll get enough ingredients to make two of each cocktail; four cocktails in sum.  And you get all of the spirits and mixers you'll need to make 'em.

What will I get?

Immediate gratification and pure pleasure. Each Julibox features two cocktail recipes that have been hand selected by our curators for your enjoyment. You will receive all of the spirits and mixers required to make two of each said cocktail. Before your Julibox ships, we'll send you an email notifying you of any additional items you may need, typically lemons or limes. That way you can enjoy your cocktails as soon as you get your box.  And if you’re more of a visual person, you can watch the how to video on our website.

How it Works

Join todayAll you need to do to start receiving your monthly Julibox is sign up. Select your monthly subscription style and prepare to enjoy. Every month, you will receive a specially curated Julibox filled with new cocktail delights uniquely designed for your personal pleasure and adventurous spirit. When you find something you like, come back and order the full size at the Julibox store (coming soon).

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